17 December 2012

We're Moving.....

After lots of stewing and brewing on ideas and directions; I've decided to move the blog to permanent domain location and create a full-fledged website.
This website and entries will still be here.... and in time I may even bring some of the most popular posts over to the new blog.
We are still in our beginning phases so please hop over and visit us and let us know what you think of the new website; give us a "like"; a share; a tweet or a blog link or shout-out. 
It's all very exciting and is definitely a labor of love.

Come see us!


1 comment:

  1. Hello, this is a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for the well wishes and prayers. So far so good, things are turning slightly for the better, but it's looking like we wont have to go to another state to have our baby. Be well and best wishes on your new site.